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Does having a desktop PC make your room dustier? (Poll)
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R0N1N1873810/6 9:45PM
What do you hate about pc gaming the most (Poll)
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Axeel16810/6 9:44PM
What's the best anti-virus for Windows 10?
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Lobomoon1310/6 9:01PM
Radeon R9 Gemini - Dual Fury X for $1073SkyLey510/6 8:57PM
No wonder my internet has been very slow lately
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LittleYami1610/6 8:25PM
Which game(s) can you play as an ant trying to survive everyday life with humans
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SleepComa1610/6 8:18PM
[Build Ready] What do you guys think of my build? I am ready to order todayJohnnyBananas26710/6 7:41PM
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290 or 970?
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HorrorJudasGoat1810/6 7:34PM
Why can't I ever finish open-world games?
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KJay4892010/6 7:31PM
question about Windows tablet shoppingItchyIsVegeta610/6 6:56PM
The new Surface devices have weird resolutions. Especially for videos.GuillermoGage710/6 6:52PM