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Put together new rig, possibly bad mobo?
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POLL: How much have you spent on your rig since 2012?. (Poll)
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For those with Win10+4k monitor, how is the scaling in windows desktop?Dirk85UK28/1 10:28AM
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Windows 10 Can't install NVIDIA Drivers
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MattyP208/1 10:18AM
Windows 10 Action Center On all the time?SgtInfinity18/1 10:15AM
Do computer fans smoke and burn?
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potatochobit118/1 10:11AM
The one thing where PC have Console's beaten
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SirisS-G-P118/1 10:10AM
LAPTOP vs DESKTOP: Once and for all, which is more ideal, more worth it, etc.?
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Gwynbleidd198/1 10:01AM
Does anyone else here use a Xonar STX?Gregsplintercel18/1 9:57AM
At work and need advice for a trade, gtx970 for ps4, time sensitive
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RPGMatt148/1 9:44AM
Discussion: Is PC actually better than Mac?
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El_Ramon288/1 9:34AM
Languages options in Windows 10?sinncross28/1 9:20AM
2015 Dell XPS 13 (Non-touch) or Surface Pro 3?
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randy_123r188/1 9:10AM
Anyone care to help me a bit in building a new gaming/work PC for $700-$800GodSlayer6698/1 9:04AM
is dying light worth $40?
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xcmon3yx2138/1 8:55AM
Computer can't detect ethernet cableAiphrem38/1 8:38AM
gtx 970 issueThomageddon98/1 8:34AM