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For JRPG fans: Trails in the Sky now has a 30% discount on Steam!
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nonexistinghero1212/18 9:45PM
What would guys recommend as an RTS without combat?Dragon Nexus712/18 9:36PM
Elite: Dangerous releases today (alternative to Star Citizen)
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KillerTruffle16012/18 9:33PM
Dark Souls 2...MGSV, which sale to go for? (Poll)
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iCurious1312/18 9:31PM
Which game should I finish next? (action/adventure) (Poll)MrXGamer412/18 9:29PM
This time of year, there is nothing worse than:Incendia_Intus912/18 9:27PM
Tolkien Fans Listen Up.steviegfromnyc2712/18 9:22PM
Good day everyone. Opinions on this build?UnSuperLuigi512/18 9:10PM
Anyone have a Lenovo L440 thinkpad?Merc009112/18 8:55PM
Explain like I'm five, AMD mobo and cpu with NVIDIA GPU
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_bandersnatch1112/18 8:51PM
Is it just me or does Skyrim have the best soundtracks ever for a video game?
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Wutobliteration13412/18 8:48PM
What is a good wireless adapter for a PCI-E x1 slot?TheOpposite112/18 8:39PM
Wow, f.lux is such a great program
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temgun3512/18 8:27PM
I just bought euro truck simulator 2crad99612/18 8:23PM
Built new PC with 970, odd performance...
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spardasieg6712/18 8:20PM
Looking for a good MMO with .....Larollexie1012/18 8:16PM
nformation Required by IRC Section 6050WMortalDanger212/18 8:06PM
Games like TF2...CardigansFan212/18 8:03PM
Sleeping Dogs sequel - Triad Wars closed beta gameplayDmanTee412/18 7:58PM
Total War Rome II still crap or worth it now?DmanTee412/18 7:57PM