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Do you consider yourself to be a member of the pc master race? why?
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Sooonic17311/29 2:06AM
trails in the sky good?FlyinTonite911/29 1:43AM
G710+ Blue and Black - $49.99 & $64.99bikeblaster411/29 1:34AM
New PC Origin ProblemsSnuffSevenfoldX611/29 1:33AM
What will be a nice, affordable upgrade from my GTX 750 Ti?NewportBox100s911/29 1:15AM
Never played Shadow of Mordor. Do you recommend it for $17?
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Chargers_314211/29 1:01AM
2nd gtx 970 worth it?
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xcmon3yx22811/29 12:54AM
How is it to play Ultima now?Zeusty1011/29 12:33AM
Is there a difference in video quality between HDMI and DIsplay Port?Isoprophlex511/29 12:18AM
Mad Max and Fallout 4? Is it even worth trying?knightoffire55811/29 12:13AM
steam sale is on please name the best rouge likes to buy!
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Blueandwhite872911/29 12:06AM
Sora is coming to steam!
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supermegablox4211/29 12:02AM
What program(s) show overlay with gpu(s) usage along with fps?sphanlon511/28 11:29PM
any good multiplayer games me and my friend could play together?Flamechamp2333511/28 11:28PM
How's this build looking?
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ZeonAce1211/28 10:52PM
How's Farcry 4?Immortal_hidan21011/28 10:38PM
Getting new 500GB SSD soon...
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Retrowire1111/28 10:33PM
Its finally time for the first non fanboy undertale review discussionbubbub011011/28 10:33PM
Can I use a 144hz with an AMD 7950?SkaterUB711/28 10:28PM
How do you uninstal Securom?AltiarLio111/28 10:18PM