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Would it be foolish to buy a new PC without DDR4? (Archived)
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Who makes the best hard drives, currently? (Archived)
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when will nintendo, sony and microsoft release their games on pc? (Archived)
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PrintScreenKey119/8 7:09AM
Got a new card, at first fans went full speed, took it apart and put new paste (Archived)silvergokuZ59/8 7:05AM
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What do gamers and reviewers think when they write "depth"? And "complexity"? (Archived)Chread8889/8 6:26AM
What would it take to convert console gamers to PC gaming? (Archived)
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ThatPersonGuy999/8 6:15AM
What does one use to clean a monitor's screen without damaging/altering it? (Archived)
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ajko000249/8 6:09AM
Going to university in a few weeks - desktop or laptop? (Archived)FfMaStEr212199/8 5:56AM
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November the 16th, 10 years since Half Life 2 was released. (Archived)
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samuraigaiden139/8 4:57AM
Is Civilization V addicting? (Archived)
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Terrorknight3279/8 3:49AM
Should I create a GFWL online or offline account for these games that have it ? (Archived)Kano9289/8 3:25AM
Penumbra, should i start with the first one? (Archived)Whitemike2005239/8 12:55AM
This is what happens if you have pirated The Sims 4! (MUST SEE) (Archived)
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Futureops-439/8 12:45AM
Graphics wise, how long do you think this computer will last me? (Archived)
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DoubleJ9229/8 12:02AM