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Can you Upgrade Pre built Pcs? (Archived)
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How do I find out what's causing my BSOD's? (Archived)
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Game with the best hair physics and textures. (Archived)temoorashraf58/12 5:05AM
Can't format micro SD card, please help (Archived)
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sonicteam2k1118/12 4:39AM
What is PCH's favorite music player? (Archived)
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fallenswords408/12 4:15AM
Will my PC run games better than 360/PS3? (Archived)
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MorrigansAss148/12 3:59AM
How good would this PC be for gaming? (Archived)
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$1500 full build--everything but OS (Archived)
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Dorami128/12 12:17AM
If i RMA a 7970, what are the odds of getting a 280x? (Archived)hk711158/11 11:15PM
I recently bought an Adata mSATA for caching and I was wondering how it works? (Archived)Powertranz68/11 10:05PM