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Windows 10-tan...
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Solid Sonic516/3 6:40AM
The idea of Early Access and the fact PC demos are dead run counter...Solid Sonic76/3 6:38AM
New gpu suggestions?legoslave482976/3 6:29AM
Well, that's that then. "Please stand by" - Bethesda
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SlashmanSG636/3 6:26AM
SNES game Plok can come to since Nintendo doesn't want it on Wii UNate_Dihldorff96/3 6:26AM
Can a Case led damage ur moboethsfan46/3 6:17AM
can someone explain why steam? why not sell at video game stores anymore?
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PSOGuy25486/3 6:15AM
Why are First Person game so goddamn f***ing popular?
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HellsingOrg146/3 6:07AM
Two hours until Fallout 4
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TheyCallMeOutis146/3 6:02AM
What are your guys thoughts on the AMD A10 7850K?
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RubMyDucky246/3 5:59AM
Gamespot - Hatred (Steam exclusive) 3/10
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Trance_Fan356/3 5:53AM
Which multi-platform games would you play on PC, and which ones on consoles?Junpei_Stupei46/3 5:09AM
Is the Zotac Amp Extreme 980 Ti worth it?MEBCitadel96/3 4:57AM
CPU vs GPU for gamingsheeshbeesh66/3 4:51AM
When will Killing Floor 2 Go on Steam Sale?sampama22636/3 4:19AM
First time building a pc, please helpTaahir0946/3 4:00AM
If my 650w PSU can handle my 780 ti, can it handle a 980 ti?
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SleepComa136/3 3:55AM
Kind of unusual item on Newegg Shell Shocker at 1PM Pacific today: Saitek X52-5xad0w-56/3 3:52AM
Enthoo Pro case Vs phantom 530Colonel_Romeo16/3 3:30AM
Games similar to orcs and elves for pc?Lightborne36/3 3:01AM