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Would you agree that traditional RTS games are a dying genre?
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With the steam sale coming tommorow... Recommend a game for everyone
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Should I drop everything and play Undertale?
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Q_Sensei1611/25 8:21AM
All aboard the Dragons Dogma for PC hype train!!
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Chrome + uBlock Origin + GhosteryBackdatedFuture (M)611/25 7:34AM
Please critique my Gaming PC build. Suggestions welcome ($1200 max budget)
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GeminiX71911/25 7:05AM
Labyrinth - A collectible card game RPG hybrid
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CCGfan1411/25 6:53AM
This right here is THE device the world has deserved...Solid Sonic511/25 6:45AM
when buying RAM for my computervayne145711/25 6:44AM