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Should I pick up Battlefield 4 again for PC or just wait for Hardline?
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Proof that AMD beats Intel in performance!!
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Freedan12172/27 2:39PM
Considering SSD drives, questions about failures.
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Sephiroth C Ryu242/27 2:25PM
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Ryse: Son of Rome
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Question for Das keyboard owners (particularly recent buyers):iXCelticXi42/27 1:30PM
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Is Nvidea Gameworks ruining PC gaming?
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WeRpinkNotWhite182/27 1:26PM
How to disable the lock screen on Windows 8?HeroicSomaCruz52/27 12:51PM
How long do you run prime95 to test a new OC?
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Question about RAM settings in BIOSDirk85UK32/27 12:36PM
Show off your best Steam screenshots.
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EpicKingdom_162/27 12:26PM