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Why are gamers always so hostile/divided about nearly everything?
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Brutal_Felix267/23 8:04AM
Looks like that Shield Tablet is official
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
DRAGON07891230217/23 7:58AM
New GPU gets here in an hour or so. Driver question.Foxigon47/23 7:40AM
Best value headset?GoreGamer47/23 7:20AM
How's the One controller on PC?
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super hotshot bowser297/23 6:54AM
Rate my hypothetical build.harcoreblazer97/23 6:16AM
Last time, I my GPU artifacting?Ringo_88107/23 5:23AM
Name some video game soundtracks you listen to
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leon_trunks437/23 5:07AM
How youtube has continuously gotten worse over the years
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VSTopicFanatic287/23 5:07AM
PSA: Call of Duty has not ruined gaming.
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Fire_Plover217/23 4:42AM
Trails in the Sky (Coming Soon to Steam)
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SuperSuikoden547/23 4:39AM
Should Nvidia Game Streaming work with a Pentium G3258?SexCEman17/23 4:38AM
I wish devs would stop switching old titles to Steamworks.Pauken77/23 3:00AM
Planet Explorers
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Clouddx127/23 2:54AM
what kind of deals have you gotten on cyber monday?RoboXgp8917/23 2:45AM
Elite: Dangerous, a few questions.harcoreblazer27/23 2:40AM
ESO hits 800k subsCool_Dude66777/23 2:12AM
Games like Undercroft on iOS for PC?TheC0ndemnedOne17/23 1:46AM
Where does Divinity: Original Sin rank in your top 10 of all time RPG's?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
BendoHendo187/23 12:01AM
is there any PC game that features Pharrell's Hat?-doggy-377/22 11:59PM