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If we were in the year 2000, what would you say are the most iconic PC games?
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Leighty407/1 8:13PM
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Software to use with my MSI 980ti 6G?Ruzz957/1 8:04PM
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Which Radeon 390 8GB should I get? (Poll)snkboi67/1 7:28PM
Very odd issue with audio causing crashes from in gamewuphilly47/1 7:26PM
Need help with streamingDarkstorm1697/1 7:07PM
Anyone else play Evolve?LouisvilleXV37/1 6:57PM
Trying to remember the name of a game
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arstos177/1 6:46PM
sleeping dogs definitive worth it?
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AHaras157/1 6:42PM
Pirating vs buying used?
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Puckswack121637/1 6:27PM
Need some help when it comes to modding games
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brs777117/1 6:22PM
Is this a good deal?
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Madzola127/1 6:20PM
Is Titanfall the worst PC FPS ever made?
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The_Q327/1 6:10PM
Which Build is Better AMD or Intel?
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Infinity8378317/1 6:06PM
With a wracking head and literally my whole body shaking as with ague...hutchyhutchy87/1 5:55PM
Prize pool for Dota 2's The International surpasses Superbowl and Masters ($15m)The_Q37/1 5:52PM
NVIDIA preparing GTX 950 and GTX 950 TiThe_Q57/1 5:38PM
PlayStation 1 games such as Tatsunoko Fight and N2O coming to Steam!
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Nate_Dihldorff207/1 5:36PM