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kojima needs to bring all metal gear solid games to steam, and remastered (Archived)
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snkboi2412/22 3:29PM
Poll Dancing #1: Who do you dislike more? Phil Fish or Mike Maulbeck? (Poll)
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I've spent some of my holidays reliving the "golden era"... (Archived)
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When will Fallout 3 GOTY be 5 bucks again? (Archived)
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SurfinClubStyle1112/22 2:24PM
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Garage_Man1412/22 2:02PM
Is DSL considered legacy technology? (Poll)
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How's Endless Legend? (Archived)
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Sum_quod_eris1512/22 1:37PM
Is Shadow Warriors(2013), L.a. Noire, and Cities XL Platinum worth getting? (Archived)
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Oakland510_1812/22 1:37PM
Your BEST/MOST AWESOME PC gaming moment of 2014!!!! (Archived)
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samuraigaiden1912/22 1:36PM