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Be honest about a new player and CS:GO (Poll)
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capgamer227/3 3:17PM
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What would you consider an acceptable increase in GPU power between generations? (Poll)
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DiehardFFv2157/3 3:06PM
Patiently waiting on the UPS guy to deliver my Acer XB270HU 1440p IPS G-Sync
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MEBCitadel167/3 2:56PM
Which Nvidia card is in your Rig ( as of July 2015 ) (Poll)
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Road_Kill_666447/3 2:53PM
With windows 10 near, question about upgradingCobra101027/3 2:50PM
GTX 950 Ti to cost $150
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The_Q287/3 2:49PM
is there a site or program that detects hardware of your pc you should upgrade
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ZiggiStardust167/3 2:45PM
Can a first gen i7 handle two GTX 980s?RunFromThisGun17/3 2:29PM
So 390 owns the 970 for the same price what now?
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iemerg_167/3 2:27PM
Is DDR4 memory worth the price tag if you video edit?Road_Kill_66647/3 2:22PM
Need to buy new 2.1 speakers.cha0s zer037/3 2:18PM
What's your opinion on the rate of Graphic cards being released? (Poll)
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Jeffw88167/3 2:09PM
Should I swap graphic card??
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Miller3096137/3 2:06PM
Just got my second BSOD crash with the Witcher 3 (advice needed)
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btaylorstl147/3 2:04PM
How would I run a 1080p monitor through DVI at the same time as a 1440p?MEBCitadel37/3 1:59PM
Digital Homicide interview. Prepare to throw up from sheer pompous assetry
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hyjinx17217/3 1:51PM
Deleting icons from "Notification Area Icons" (Windows 8.1)?Wrozka_z_Rivii17/3 1:44PM
BMX games.Tigercml17/3 1:41PM