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Is there a game on PC that made you stop buying that company's games?
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locky7233612/26 8:39AM
How does Ground Zeros
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Getting into Fallout/Elder Scrolls for the first time...
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Lord_Vader2612/26 6:40AM
Are PC gamers more mature than console gamers?
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AftComet6512/26 6:36AM
Xbox One controller on the Witcher 1?
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ThePaleRiderp1412/26 6:32AM
How often do you use a controller? (Poll)
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Solid Sonic2012/26 6:19AM
Anyone that is on the fence about Endless Legends should get it
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Knighted Dragon1812/26 6:13AM
Best brand for 2.0 speakers ?khalid_19901012/26 5:58AM
Which game did you vote for in the Community Choice Sales: Post 6 Day 8 (Poll)
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New Chrome book. Few questions.Cloudisthebest212/26 5:49AM