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You buy a 1060 in retail and you later find out the sales rep gave you a 1080..
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Should I upgrade my gaming PC to Windows 10?
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Wow Amnesia The Dark Decent is not scary at all.
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bubbub01127/26 10:23AM
Microsoft should sue Tim Sweeny and Epic Games for libel, what a nut job
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Trance_Fan117/26 9:50AM
What is a really good Let's Play of the original Half-Life?
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wiiking96177/26 9:49AM
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marvel ultimate alliance 1 and 2 coming to steam tuesday
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clarkladner577/26 9:46AM
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For those of you with dual monitors, is ur Primary Monitor on the left or right?
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xtacb337/26 9:27AM
Would you not buy a game you want to play because of the client? (ex; Microsoft)
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Triple_Aitch437/26 9:26AM
Co-Founder of Epic games says Microsoft will Kill Steam
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protools1983137/26 9:25AM
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