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This is so cool, I wonder how much it costs?Dirk85UK810/24 7:44AM
Doesn't MS have some sort a connection the Rift? outside of controllers...kryptonsson110/24 7:42AM
What are the GOTY contenders so far?
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Parmpreet0012910/24 7:28AM
What does "static pressure" mean when it comes to case fans?Dirk85UK410/24 7:18AM
The Witcher 3 just feels janky after playing Dark Souls
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revolver4910/24 6:45AM
How far will a gtx 760 get me?__Fiale__610/24 6:44AM
If I have a 1070 gtx, should I just save money and mod skyrim or get remaster?Noyack810/24 6:41AM
about smach zero. i have 4 questions.superblue99410/24 6:35AM
Question for Vive or Occulus users
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MNSpectre2110/24 6:26AM
Have you ever had or seen a CPU break from constant use?
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Black_Assassin1810/24 6:12AM
file sharing trough LAN helpapolloooo310/24 6:05AM
Your preferred resolution, framerate, and settings?
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shafalloutlilac4410/24 5:57AM
Why do Indy games on Steam get such over inflated scores?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
ColdOne6663710/24 5:41AM
When playing shooters, the edges of the screen are stretched out...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
megamanzero10001110/24 5:36AM
Steam update for DS4VanderZoo210/24 5:12AM
Looking for a new APU (or GPU) for my older backup PCVillain310/24 5:06AM
Fun PC games?
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mobile_jukester2310/24 4:52AM
So updated today...
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SilentHawk291410/24 3:16AM
is there texture mod for dark souls 2 sotfs?apolloooo310/24 3:13AM
Best settings to lower vram?chris121691810/24 2:55AM