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Does the response time on IPS monitors really impact competitive games?iscareu1378/21 7:37AM
Virtual Waifu technology creeps ever forward.
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Should I buy my monitor from Newegg or Amazon ?
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Kano92178/21 7:12AM
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I need recommendations for a new gaming keyboard and routerHagan48/21 7:02AM
itunes (windows 8)
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ethsfan198/21 6:33AM
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Your favorite questlines ever?Rizzman11148/21 5:48AM
What class do you choose to play in RPGs? (Poll)
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LaggingRed728/21 5:48AM
Just how good is the gtx 770?
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paracosmxx218/21 5:27AM
VRAM question
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mrtywer518/21 4:39AM
Anyway to add artificial ghosting(older LCD prob)MASKOAAA48/21 3:12AM
Are there any good mice that don't make the clicking noise?
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grimsmalicence198/21 3:09AM
anybody interested in buying aethsfan58/21 3:02AM
What is ntoskrnl.exe ?Dirk85UK48/21 2:01AM
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Norton warned me of a file I deleted 2 years ago?MASKOAAA38/21 1:26AM