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Matte or Glossy?
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mikewu11111/17 10:43AM
Tried to rip a CD but some songs stutter...why?
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BigB0ss131611/17 10:40AM
Can't activate Windows 8.1
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git2thechoppa1611/17 10:36AM
Is there any way to force a game to run on a specific resolution?temoorashraf1011/17 10:29AM
Which would you rather have standard: 120fps or 4k? res? (Poll)
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jakisthe5311/17 10:20AM
Am I crazy or does playing Far Cry 3 feel better with a gamepad than K and M?
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RickVince2811/17 9:38AM
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Is Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2 compatible with Windows 8.1?
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