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naruto controls and video card
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Any good "Metroidvania" games on PC?
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do vga with dvi adapter has the same video quality as hdmi?
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Are the promises of Star Citizen even possible?
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iCurious113/3 11:25PM
Do any of you play wildstar?
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M DAMAGE123/3 11:22PM
Any love for Space Hulk Ascension or the other Warhammer: 40,000 titles?LordOfLegacies93/3 10:41PM
advance warfare: global offensive. Now ruined by micro-transactions.
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flamepelt113/3 10:38PM
About to install a new hardrive to replace broken one.Figure0953/3 10:21PM
Whats with the advertising these days.
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Damaged7203/3 10:16PM
is there a way to get animated backgrounddennis94101243/3 10:12PM
Recommend me some durable, reliable mechanical keyboards.
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Bowm4080213/3 10:06PM
Is this a good work laptop that'll last me at least 3 years?
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SpoonKnight213/3 9:43PM
Ok, I have an extra SSD right now... and I'm thinking of setting up a dual boot.chase1234life43/3 9:23PM
Nvidia is proud to offer the new Xbox One 3.5
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auntfafajk393/3 9:23PM
Resident Evil 5 $6.80 on Steam Worth It?
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NGd72143/3 9:18PM
Question about buying bundle in steam as a giftapolloooo53/3 8:49PM