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Buy 980ti or wait for a deal on a 1080?
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My friend says when Nvidia releases new GPUs they screw the older ones.
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fatelord155/29 10:52AM
Accidently pressed some buttons on the mobo
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perijah125/29 10:49AM
Steam Punk
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BunBun255/29 10:34AM
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LTT | "Bong" CPU Cooler Build Showcase - It's like, evaporation, maaanKamenRiderBlade25/29 8:28AM
Which part of the computer depreciates its value fastest?
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Jeffw88165/29 8:25AM
Just 3 weeks later, a GPU Overclocking Utility is more played than Battleborn
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DrStran3g3465/29 8:22AM
Poll: are PC gamers more sophisticated than console players?
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jjyiz28175/29 8:10AM
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My idea for a game
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Nvizion115/29 6:10AM
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