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water1111349/20 5:16AM
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If PC gamers are "Elitist" for...
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In your opinion, what is THE best mainline Final Fantasy game? (Part 2) (Poll)Canas_Renvall69/20 4:38AM
Isn't Fez the best game ever?!
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viksmart269/20 4:35AM
What's cheaper? A high end gaming PC or a console(ex.PS3, PS4 or 360)?
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noble banana189/20 4:33AM
Anyone else done with early access games?MrMonkhouse59/20 4:19AM
Brand new computer not outputting signal to monitor. About to enter panic mode
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MuxTheBest199/20 4:14AM
In your opinion, what is THE best mainline Final Fantasy game? (Part 1) (Poll)
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Canas_Renvall159/20 4:10AM