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With the GTX 1080ti releasing in January, will we need to buy two for 4K 60fps?
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RunFromThisGun149/28 9:47PM
How much is this pc worth?
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iemerg_169/28 9:08PM
Is the free Gears of War with purchase of the new cards no longer happening?
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Serpenttine129/28 9:02PM
Risen 3: Titan Lords is $1.49 at BundleStars and Devil Daggers is $1 at Humble!NewportBox100s19/28 8:53PM
"Osiris: New Dawn" anybody ever heard of it? it's coming out in 3 days
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thedarklordx3129/28 8:44PM
GTX 1060 6gb: Boost Clock: 1708 MHz vs 1835 vs 1860
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xVSaNx159/28 8:44PM
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Smach Z returning to kickstarter soon - Specs revealed, Thunderclap campaign
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GoldenSun3DS139/28 8:12PM
Can someone with knowledge of laptops/PCs help me please?
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Ocelot Rising119/28 8:07PM
Titanfall 2 Multiplayer 4K 60 FPS PC Gameplay running on TITAN XArcadeGuy69/28 7:53PM
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Need a good RPG
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rawrs229/28 6:53PM
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Best Program to FORMAT a Hard Drive w/ OS?NeoMonk109/28 6:07PM
What game had the crudest/rudest fanbase?
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dragon0085619/28 5:59PM