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werent we PC gamers supposed to get Nintendo Switch functionality
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Retrowire2210/22 2:19AM
what do you think about GTA V on PC?
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nenele3110/22 2:18AM
Are you historically educated enough to enjoy BF1?Dandyism310/22 2:11AM
Future of gamingCobra1010510/22 1:52AM
PC keeps turning itself on
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force_edge1810/22 1:42AM
Dungeon Rats, Hardcore Dungeon Crawler by Age of Decadence developer.apolloooo610/22 1:10AM
AMD have anything on the horizon in terms of reasonably priced GPUsBlackstar110510/22 1:09AM
Nintendo Switch is quite literally just an Nvidia Shield
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
lmAtWork2510/22 12:30AM
Totalbiscuit craps on Battlefield 1
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RubMyDucky5010/22 12:20AM
Battle station threadDarkstorm16210/22 12:02AM
If u bought Amazon physical copy that requires steam, can u steam refund?xtacb1010/21 11:51PM
Are there things you should check when buying a motherboard?nurnberg910/21 11:49PM
Do you think we will cross the Uncanny Valley?revolver1010/21 11:48PM
So how does this new skyrim SE footage compared to pc with mods?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
shafalloutlilac2510/21 11:45PM
Just bought a 25 inch 1440p monitorTerrorknight3810/21 11:31PM
Some more questions about processorsRawe810/21 10:58PM
Advice on SSDPresidentDoge610/21 10:56PM
Does anyone know if Skyrim can still be upgraded to the remastered versionFez_Watley710/21 10:48PM
Will there ever be a time when loading screens will never have to be there?shafalloutlilac310/21 9:58PM
Did I come upon a hacker in Battlefield 1?Swan3624510/21 9:56PM