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Is it possible to control fan speeds without a physical fan controller?
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Rawe1410/13 10:16AM
worth upgrading from sli 980 SC to Asus Strix 980ti?LiQuiDsWorDs56610/13 10:12AM
MS head is considering an official XBox 360 emulator for Windows
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Dawnshadow6310/13 9:56AM
Tales of Zestiria preorder goal 3 reached
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FlyinTonite2810/13 9:15AM
Darkest Dungeon 40% off on Steam this weekend
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pothocket2110/13 8:56AM
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One Question For People That Game At 4k With One Graphics Card
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don_sf5910/13 8:48AM
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Best graphics mod for Crysis 1?
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The Admiral1810/13 8:27AM
Mouse keeps double clickingrefmon1010/13 8:19AM
Would you use AMD CPU's if they paid you to never use Intel again? (Poll)
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ThePCElitist5510/13 8:12AM