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What score will The Witcher 3 get on metacritic IYO? (Poll)
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galfasanta1111115/5 6:34AM
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good cheap joystick for the x-wing/tie fighter games?VandelayInc55/5 6:29AM
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Anyone from Australia, buying games from the Humble Store, beware.Pokenub95/5 5:51AM
Would you rather have slow stable internet(such as 1 meg landline) or data plansilvergokuZ45/5 5:46AM
which is the best wifi card?featuringDante15/5 5:36AM
Is my new psu powerful enough?silvergokuZ105/5 5:24AM
Need a joystick suggestion for my pc
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GXL_Leon185/5 4:14AM
I upgraded from a 6850 to a 960
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Roxborough4Ever175/5 3:53AM
Today's poll
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kingoffps135/5 3:38AM
I'm enjoying war thunder
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elsmitty125/5 3:36AM
gothic 1 selling item questionapolloooo45/5 3:32AM
so much for GTA hype...
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dennis941012215/5 1:13AM
Do you have any early access games? If so, which ones and how are you liking 'em
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Justice98405335/5 12:59AM
is 1440x900 the same as 1280x1024?Parmpreet00165/5 12:44AM
Is half life 2 worth playing in 2015
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
murphy230335/4 11:23PM
Does your TV display lower resolotuon then native correctly? and
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Lightborne275/4 10:36PM
That's interesting, so I gained 18 LP to Plat I 99 LP, then lost 23 to 76 LP?PiCaYuNeSyZyGy65/4 10:32PM