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AMD Fx 6300 and 780 combo
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Good earbuds?
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The FSF's statement on Windows 10 (don't use it and switch to Linux).
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Thinking about buying this PC, should I?
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Give me build suggestions (parts list included)
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aleksazen208/3 7:13PM
Who here as a NZXT H440? High Ambient temperatures.
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iemerg_148/3 7:04PM
Corsair PSU RMA virgin, help.wei-pai48/3 7:00PM
How much are you willing to spend on a printer?Junpei_Stupei58/3 6:53PM
question for those who have modded kerbal space programThat1Steve28/3 6:52PM
I'd be willing to bet a Titan Z that The Division is Uplay exclusiveLouisvilleXV58/3 6:50PM
Damn....This is just awful.
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megamanfreakXD588/3 6:40PM
Monitor just blinked to black twice and beeped when it did itSlashmanSG68/3 6:35PM