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Did you like BF3 or BF4 more?
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Is the NVidia Shield Portable worth getting?
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Which of the motherboard and gpu manufacturers is not taiwanese?
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StarsOfCCTV217/26 12:18AM
Do you guys think steamvr will support rift's headset speakers one day?Vzeprr17/26 12:12AM
Wow Amnesia The Dark Decent is not scary at all.bubbub01107/26 12:11AM
Full 3840 core GP 102 announced as Quadro P6000Fony107/26 12:07AM
How good this this PSU?
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NewportBox100s137/25 11:20PM
What is a really good Let's Play of the original Half-Life?
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wiiking96157/25 10:36PM
Best CPU cooler out of these, CM 212 EVO, Cryorig H7, or Be Quiet Pure Rock?xtacb97/25 10:14PM
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Should Developers Stop Releasing The Big Budget Games On PC?
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don_sf277/25 7:46PM
Occulus vs Vive
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xcmon3yx2247/25 7:19PM
I didn't think mere case fan could make that much temp differenceMaryJHappy27/25 7:08PM
Game Key Giveaway {Party Hard, DoorKickers, Lethal League, Sir You are Being-}loki00_0047/25 6:47PM
Have you upgraded to W10 yet?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
MrMonkhouse257/25 6:32PM
I never played above 60fps
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Nostalgic117/25 6:31PM
whew, making serious effort to clear my backlist of gamesjjyiz2827/25 6:16PM