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Why does Taris from Koror get hate? It's easily my favourite zone!
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And you all said it wouldn't happen
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Firefox Alert!
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Born Lucky117/30 12:56PM
Which do you hate more, G2A or Kotaku?
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Do you love PC gaming? What is it about PC gaming that you love?
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michman402337/30 12:33PM
I scheduled Windows 10 to upgrade last night and it didn't do itUnsugarized_Foo97/30 12:33PM
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What's EA's excuse for no Madden on PC?
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Kyle1022327/30 12:06PM
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - steam or origin?PrettyTonyTiger57/30 11:57AM
It's very hard to believe people defended the Geforce 970 scam
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snkboi237/30 11:43AM
Shall I buy a gaming mouse mat?kentuckybob37/30 11:32AM
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Best CPU cooler out of these, CM 212 EVO, Cryorig H7, or Be Quiet Pure Rock?
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xtacb117/30 11:19AM