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Current ps4 owner thinking of going custom pc.... please help! (Archived)
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drewww762510/19 10:01AM
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Who is hurting the overall gaming industry more... Developers or gamers? (Archived)
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Combo Master1810/19 8:42AM
Ghosts (Archived)Bossdog421310/19 6:59AM
Hatred could be good if (Archived)ThePredominate610/19 6:43AM
How does g2a have keys so cheap? (Archived)drake02412310/19 6:36AM
Edgiest Game Ever? (Poll)
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PielordX2410/19 6:26AM
sick of hatred topics? (Poll)VandelayInc610/19 6:23AM
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Hows Return to Castle Wolfenstein? (Archived)SILENTGHOSTS961010/19 4:10AM
Is it just me being unlucky or HDD are fragile? (Archived)doraemonllh1989810/19 3:57AM
is pwn that bad? (Archived)ethsfan610/19 2:52AM
Hahaha... all these streaming services but no one cares about data caps. (Archived)
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MrMonkhouse6210/19 2:16AM
Attn people who play games on an external hard drive (Archived)PielordX510/19 2:03AM
What's wrong with Avast web plugins? (Archived)Sir_Haxor510/19 12:56AM
Castlevania Symphony of the Night may be coming to PC (Archived)
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badboy7110/19 12:50AM