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Is Dark Souls 2 scholar on PC a big upgrade from the first 360 version?
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Sold my Xbox One, however I did use the controller occasionally for gaming..TinyTankX94/19 12:20PM
So Star Wars Battlefront is going to be like BF4...
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PresidentDoge174/19 12:15PM
Would a GTX 980 work well with my rig?MELENTIA24/19 12:14PM
How can people say that Steam doesn't need quality control?
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nurnberg314/19 12:07PM
Recommend me good games of any genre under 3 gigs
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Oakland510_164/19 12:05PM
GPU Marketshare: 300 Series Better Show Progress
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iiFroZenHeAveNz534/19 12:02PM
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Surface Pro 3 and Virtual BoxGoreGamer24/19 11:42AM
If skill in most mmos is secondary to gear, which game genres require skill?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Leighty184/19 11:17AM
How much VRAM do you think the 980 ti will have?Dirk85UK104/19 11:00AM
Got this laptop for 500 bucks ..
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sockrox294/19 10:58AM
WD enterprise drives any good?Fade2black00194/19 10:55AM
Dungeon of the Endless multiplayer finally fixedDaedalusEx14/19 10:50AM
WAYPTW? (What are you playing this weekend?)
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maoriwarrior264/19 10:36AM