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internet problems (Archived)
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ShadowDragon16126/27 8:07AM
KojiPro is PC master race and will prove it sept 15th (Archived)velvet_hammer66/27 7:41AM
What game do you wanna see ported to pc (Poll)
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kyosuke34426/27 7:40AM
Bad idea to have two exhaust fans and no intake lol? (Archived)
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ssj-smoove116/27 7:26AM
Install Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai on PC? (Archived)sharccage16/27 7:10AM
Molex and SATA question (Archived)SolidDBZ46/27 6:22AM
At what settings would I be able to play Batman at? (Archived)
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AshWilliams78196/27 5:31AM
Do you keep coming back to Titan Quest IM (Poll)TinTin700106/27 3:53AM
Is my video card busted? (Archived)
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Xa3r0x166/27 3:49AM
Why do people rate games low due to having low specs? pathetic. (Archived)knightimex76/27 2:18AM
Batman: Arkham Knight PC Version Delayed To "Fall 2015" (Archived)
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That_Damn_Kid496/27 2:08AM
pwm fans (Archived)ethsfan76/27 1:55AM
Program that fools a game into thinking you have a 360 controller? (Archived)capgamer66/27 12:31AM
Gonna try and upgrade 2 things in July. (Archived)
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AshWilliams78146/27 12:12AM
Is my 2500k bottlenecking my 980ti @ 1080p? (Archived)
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MasterOmegaX12196/26 11:57PM
This holiday season prices are jacked up for games :/ (Archived)
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snkboi176/26 11:37PM
Windows 10 has made me rethink my stance on piracy. (Archived)-5xad0w-56/26 11:37PM
Want to thank this board for talking me out of the 390. (Archived)unsolidsnake46/26 11:30PM
Arkham Knight was not ported to PC by Rocksteady (outsourced to a group of 12) (Archived)
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rx54286/26 11:27PM
Just got an "upgrade to Windows 10"upgrade thing. (Archived)blablablax1726/26 11:04PM