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1080p looks blurry to me now after using 1440p for a while (Archived)
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ThePCElitist285/18 11:15AM
V-Moda LP2 is one of the best headphone I've ever used. (Archived)youngfossil45/18 11:10AM
These three games are the best indies on PC. (Archived)
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Junpei_Stupei165/18 11:04AM
Will AMD's cards drop in price when the 300 series releases? (Archived)Lagwagon1785/18 10:45AM
Do you think Dynamic Resolution Technology will ever come to the PC? (Archived)
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The_Q285/18 10:44AM
Windows 10 to feature built in game recording capabilities (Archived)protools198345/18 9:56AM
Can i update safely? (Archived)Violet_Blooded45/18 9:28AM
Can anyone tell me how my current graphics card stacks up against consoles? (Archived)hulkhogan145/18 9:19AM
SteamGifts giveaway for the greatest game on Steam (Archived)DeltaBladeX65/18 9:10AM
A game has to be very good in console to be proted to PC, right? (Archived)
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Nukaze195/18 9:09AM
Witcher 3 UPDATE: Turns out with the Day 1 patch there is NO downgrade on PC... (Archived)
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Forever Shadowed135/18 9:03AM
Nvidia Network Service constantly downloading. (Archived)Linctagon745/18 8:54AM
Looking for a program to compare and rank stuff (Archived)samurai190095/18 8:54AM
Need some help regarding a problem with my computer (Archived)WockaWockaFun45/18 8:46AM
Will an i5 cpu bottleneck a GTX Titan X (Archived)Eagle34695/18 8:45AM
Witcher 3 benchmarks (Archived)
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chris121691225/18 8:33AM
Distorted display need help! (Archived)Vjkid13795/18 8:22AM
Witcher 3: Yay or Yawn? (Poll)
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protools1983125/18 8:15AM
I have $0.62 on whatever the hell Playfire is. (Archived)Judgmenl35/18 8:06AM
Why do people get one small SSD and one big HDD instead of a big SSD? (Archived)
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GoldenSun3DS535/18 7:49AM