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Would you rather watch the debate or play a crappy video game?
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Hearthstone is giving away free TGT packs to promote the blizzcon tournamentpothocket210/20 12:21PM
werent we PC gamers supposed to get Nintendo Switch functionality
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Retrowire1410/20 12:05PM
Yes PC Is The Master Race But...
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TheEntitledOne6610/20 11:56AM
I lost respect for rockstar
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Cobra10107010/20 11:56AM
PC players can play RDR1 via Playstation now
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Dirk85UK1210/20 11:51AM
Question to anyone with a phanteks enthoo evolv ATXDirk85UK710/20 11:28AM
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Games with lots of side activities.. .like fishing, baseball and more mini-games
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dedicateddark1410/20 10:45AM
Good Jrpgs?
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kyosuke341810/20 10:45AM