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Building very first rig soon, is this good?
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Have you ever had a modern CPU fail from regular use?
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halomonkey1_3_5196/28 5:39PM
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IloveslimesOMG196/28 5:37PM
Is Saints Row worth it?
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astelion196/28 5:35PM
So long story short, I'm going from i7 4770 to FX 8350.
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Jeffw88276/28 5:25PM
650w platinum or 750w gold?
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thasnipermaster216/28 5:05PM
First RX480 Review leaked out
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Oh_Boy_356/28 4:55PM
PSA Mount and Blade collection is $11 on humble bundleHonestAbe7316/28 4:36PM
Oculus backs down: They no longer run a check for hardware to run games
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arleas116/28 4:19PM
Nvidia's shield vs Agents of shield?lordofthenlpple76/28 4:15PM
Are you going back to Maplestory?
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xAlphazonex326/28 4:12PM
Is SLI worth it these days
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Waytoodeep03526/28 4:10PM