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How much do you value controllers that aren't keyboard and mouse?
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GuillermoGage451/28 9:33AM
"Launch and play a game using a gamepad in Big Picture mode"Brutal_Felix51/28 9:08AM
I have to get 1.6TB off of 40 external machines. I can only do it via
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Judgmenl121/28 9:00AM
GTX 960 best card for $200?
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Kinny100211/28 8:52AM
Why is Streets of Rage Remake like the best beat em up on PC?
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sonicteam2k1201/28 8:11AM
Are there still 3D games being made?
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GoreGamer151/28 7:40AM
EA is being added to the list of companies that need to be erased off the planet
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EightDayCandler361/28 7:34AM
Tweaking AMD R7240 video cardnoble banana71/28 6:46AM
do you download your games through steam?
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Neopian551/28 6:28AM
Need a game to replace League?
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alienhamster261/28 6:01AM
Worth buying Portal 2 for PC if you've beaten the singleplayer once years ago?GeminiX761/28 5:58AM
There might be some more heat on nvidia if this turns out to be true
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romsnbombs151/28 4:49AM
I just... I can't even... Look at this picture and tell me whats wrong with it
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locky723161/28 4:43AM
Help, my 970 is using more that 3.5gb of VRAM at 4K
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EyeDrinkBeer211/28 4:36AM