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What is the minimal score for a game to be deemed worhty of your time? (Poll)
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noobs2132810/16 1:02PM
need a recommendation for a convert to MKV software (Archived)neojames310/16 12:57PM
Even though AMD FX-4350 is clocked higher than a 2500K why is it still weaker ? (Archived)
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Kano921210/16 12:54PM
Evil within buy or skip ? (Poll)
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Raven2022210/16 12:27PM
MMO to play while watching videos? (Archived)Dragoon08810/16 12:23PM
Is there a way to save console commands in games? (Archived)Star_Nuts410/16 11:58AM
CPU doa? (Archived)gsf4lyfe310/16 11:56AM
Ok, so why is GAMEFAQS of all places having a POTD about Ebola? (Archived)
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Ep1taph3031210/16 11:50AM
Will Call of Duty Advanced Warfare be the most played shooter on PC? (Archived)
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xenosaga1232410/16 11:50AM
what if pc ports native resolution is 900p, with 1080p black bars (Archived)snkboi410/16 11:48AM
How is PNY? (Archived)
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Pepys Monster1510/16 11:36AM
PC World News!! Dreams of Ice 2.4 release speculation for Final Fantasy XIV ARR (Archived)xenosaga123810/16 11:31AM
Black Friday/Cyber Monday opinion on build savings (Poll)farigonti410/16 11:23AM
Can drivers cause coil whine? Two separate cards having coil whine. (Archived)JohnnyBananas26710/16 10:51AM
Stereo headphones with good soundstage? (Archived)Samuri310/16 10:46AM
Which is worse, Intrusive DRMs or Piracy? (Poll)
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SaltyBotz8310/16 10:26AM
What's your PC upgrade wishlist? (Archived)
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Billy Trance3610/16 9:59AM
Faster internet than what I'm paying for... (Archived)CELTEKK310/16 9:30AM
What next console port(s) are we going to get hyped about? (Archived)Benjamin_Button410/16 9:08AM
Quick question about Steam accounts (Archived)FaustXII1010/16 8:56AM