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so how do i loan a cd game to a friend if it uses the steam installer?
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Is this budget build well rounded?
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How much more technically advanced are video games gonna get?
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GuillermoGage1610/4 7:36AM
Dynasty Warriors Empires, Samurai Warriors 4-2 or One Pirate Warriors 3unlosing_ranger610/4 7:22AM
Battletech returns on kickstarter from same devs that did Shadowrun ReturnsDrLight66510/4 7:19AM
I could really go for another WWII shooter
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sonicteam2k11110/4 7:05AM
The new Wireless xbox one usb adapter for windows is "win10 exclusive"
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Dirk85UK3910/4 7:04AM
sound format'hrz'form cd-dvdimprezas410/4 6:59AM
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Micro HDMI cable with connector that can take a beating?kingoffps110/4 6:00AM
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