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Post your Desktop screenshot!

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3 years ago#51
New Link posted...
Pyrotechnixxx posted...

Same one I've had for long time.

I like it, that Conky on the right?

Rainmeter, actually. The Enigma skin, to be exact.
Fear is a leash.
3 years ago#52
From: AlkVelron | #025
Excuse the mess. I'm so busy working on various things that It's just not worth keeping it clean.

Sauce image pls?

From: GunSlinger092 | #034

This one too.
can u even count 30 in 1 second? no, u can't. so u can't tell difference between 30fps and 60fps. stupid. -Shinobier-
3 years ago#53
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3 years ago#54
No fancy add-ons for me...

And no, I have not idea where that picture is from. I just Googled "mountain" (or something) the day I built the computer and haven't bothered to change it.
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3 years ago#55
Finally switched my main OS, Ubuntu, to an arch based OS. OpenBox DE looks pretty sleek.
GT: Ten Desires
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3 years ago#56
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3 years ago#57
I should get that start menu program. want to wait to see what windows 8,1 will do.
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3 years ago#58

Here's mine.
I'm actually a giant fan of Windows 8, thus the clock.
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3 years ago#59

Still messing around with it. Want to get temp listed on the left as well, but don't want it to look too busy.

lucarioforprez where did you get the wallpaper?
3 years ago#60
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