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How scared should I be of the registry?Raging_water95/26 11:33AM
Not really digging the witcher 3
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RoboXgp89285/26 11:30AM
So, maybe a 4th of the way through Witcher 2, debating skipping to 3 now..
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Xialoh225/26 11:14AM
Brutal Legend..
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mrtywer305/26 11:03AM
How well will I be able to run Far Cry 4 on my laptop? (GTX 950M)
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Jumpman_8891135/26 10:48AM
Why is there a $100 Batman game on Steam?
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Judgmenl975/26 10:48AM
Opinion on the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse for gaming & regular use?InfestedAdam45/26 10:34AM
PSA: Wccftech is a RUMOR MILL site, stop believing their crap
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lmAtWork115/26 10:23AM
Looking to get gaming PC, but I have some questions.
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FAILUREtoreply175/26 9:57AM
Anybody here wanna do heists on gta 5?Stallion_Prime45/26 9:53AM
What can I use that alerts me when a game is on sale across all platforms?Kyle102245/26 9:32AM
Whatever happened to 16:10 monitors?ChorusXTwo25/26 9:26AM
E3 Finally Gets a Dedicated Show For the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
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SaQu1B175/26 9:25AM
Need some help deciding with Windows 8, or Windows 7( New computer)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
chickenlard125/26 9:13AM
So is Disney shutting down all their old LucasArts related sites?j_coat15/26 8:52AM
Rockstar the company that can't do anything, except ban you.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
nickizgr8175/26 8:29AM
how good does the 780ti sli perform and scale compared to single 780ti?Trance_Fan25/26 8:21AM
Is it possible for your website to have a javascript...
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Darth_Kamcio185/26 7:49AM
I can't get into a non multi player game anymoreBrutal_Felix75/26 7:46AM
Flash player and explorercander85/26 7:40AM