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Let's say...

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3 years ago#21
Fighting monsters with my tears in my mother's basement.
Gabe: Reality has exiled you, you are no longer bound by its laws. - HoboSpartan
3 years ago#22
Bounty Hunter while getting revenge on someone for killing my brothers.
Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.
The armory of god is guarding me but all you can see is holographic artistry.
3 years ago#23
Engineer in Auxraxis.

Could live with that.
3 years ago#24
Ch3wy posted...
I would be a truck driver.

This. Or a stock car driver... Can't remember if I played Euro Truck Sim 2 or iRacing last...
Playing: MH3U, NHL 13, Project X Zone, Mount & Blade: Warband, F1 2012
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3 years ago#25
PhilOnDez posted...
I can carry nearly 50,000 tons in my backpack and punch through dirt, trees, solid stone and I can crush diamonds into blocks with nothing but my bare hands and a table.

|Asus Z77|Two 1Gb 7850 HIS XFire| 1866 8Gb G.skill| i5 3570K 3.4Ghz
Steam: Lyokofanatic[G77F] "Fact and fiction, where do you draw the line?"
3 years ago#26
Somewhere between piloting an experimental transforming space ship (Strike Suit Zero), a grunt in the military (Arma 3) and/or just some poor bastard that got his teeth knocked in at the turn of the apocalypse (Fallout:New Vegas).
3 years ago#27
I would be a 7' 2" Center in the NBA playing on the Rockets who drafted me 11th.
I486SX 33MHz |256MB RAM | IBM EGA 64kb | Dell M990 19" CRT | IBM 200watt PSU
3 years ago#28
To stop the Biolizard from crashing the Space Colony Ark into the Earth.
3570K (4.8 GHz) | Dual-X 7970 | ASRock Z77 OC Formula | Corsair Vengeance 2x 4 GB | WD Black 1 TB | Corsair TX750 | XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 Kit | NZXT Phantom
3 years ago#29
I'm some random who magically appeared in a room in a castle who for some reason has know, I've gone through Neverwinter Nights 3 times now and I still don't understand who I'm supposed to be. Oh well, at least I have a hot female elf following me as I cut up crap with a sword.
--- - Diablo 2 SP forums
Phenom II x4 945/5770/1440x900 x2/8GB DDR3/Unicomp SpaceSaver/120GB SSD/320GB HDD
3 years ago#30
Davel23 posted...
Hang on, lemme download Katawa Shojo real quick...
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