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Hi, I'm Mastershot and I upgraded to Windows 10. . . .
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MasterShot2k5377/30 10:13AM
Help me remember a game please!SithMasterDK17/30 10:07AM
Devil Daggers: A nice pick-up-and-play FPShmup for $5mrhappyguy1234537/30 10:06AM
Which upcoming Sonic game on PC is the REAL 25th annivesary Sonic game?Risa_Omomo57/30 9:55AM
Exist a software that always record last 15 minutes of activity ?FabioManoel87/30 9:39AM
Windows 10 bloatwaremafiafun97/30 9:33AM
Need some laptop advice.Beasthunt67/30 9:25AM
Sims 3OgreRecruiter97/30 8:52AM
With Nvidia Lying About The GTX970, I am INFURIATED At PC Gaming As A Whole
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PCHElitist477/30 8:37AM
Game Soundtracks. Do you buy them? And which ones have you purchased? Poll
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Retrowire247/30 8:35AM
Question about SLI / MDA modeDirk85UK27/30 8:22AM
I upgraded to windows 10 and lost my Street Fighter V savejcgonzmo57/30 8:12AM
I hope E-sports really take off.
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Terrorknight3397/30 5:33AM
NVIDIA's Maxwell officially moved to legacy support
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Fony207/30 5:16AM
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit user - upgrade to 10?YaLikeDags37/30 4:55AM
The DOOM demo. now has Vulkan support
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
maybecalls227/30 4:17AM
Yoola Laylee is going to be amazing....Pokenub27/30 3:58AM
How much is the performance difference between a 2400 and a 3400 mhz RAM??Laocedric1677/30 1:20AM
Holy damn Steam support is terrible..
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Pokenub127/30 12:45AM
New Gaming/Streaming BuildHelios1278747/30 12:30AM