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Just hooked my PC up to a 32" TV and it is AWESOME. (In lieu of a monitor)Mwulf18/4 10:26AM
Do you seriously have to rebuy Windows 10 if you change hardware?
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VioletZer0118/4 10:21AM
PC vs Console - Which is more expensive? (Poll)
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How did Ground Zeroes on PC compare to the console versions?
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GladiatorDanger138/4 9:45AM
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How do you all buy the parts for a new build?Panner58/4 9:35AM
The FSF's statement on Windows 10 (don't use it and switch to Linux).
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darkstar4221588/4 9:34AM
Are there save editors for all the Final Fantasy games?
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Sephiroth311178/4 9:26AM
Is there any game that has letters/numbers for achievementsBrutal_Felix48/4 9:24AM
Is there some reason I can never get Nvida control panel to properly apply AA todeoxxys18/4 9:23AM
Intel still thinks that top line consumer CPUs don't need more than 4 cores
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YukitoRambo268/4 9:18AM
Are Windows ISO files safe from the internet?
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ThePCElitist168/4 9:14AM
Do you update your Nvidia drivers even though your not having problems ? POLL (Poll)
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Kano92238/4 9:02AM
Need help getting a build together for my cousin.StormKMD98/4 8:56AM
Would you spend money in F2P games?
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GuiltyCrown118/4 8:54AM
The Reason Why Intel 6/7th Gen/ Skylake Is Disappointing - Its Not Their Fault
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don_sf378/4 8:53AM
They should port MGS Legacy collection to PC
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
XtremeWRATH360138/4 8:52AM