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When you guys max out a game, do you enable vertical sync?

#11TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 7/30/2013 6:29:38 PM
Some games have absolutely terrible input lag with V-Sync enabled. It's especially noticeable when characters talk. I try to get by without it.
#12gastamanPosted 7/30/2013 6:30:58 PM
I rarely, if ever, turn vsync on. Then again, it's hard to hit 120 fps on most modern games if I'm maxing out all settings.
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#13Mitch35Posted 7/30/2013 6:31:42 PM
I never turn Vsync on.
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#14KillerTrufflePosted 7/30/2013 6:32:40 PM
I only use Vsync if I'm getting bad tearing. Otherwise, I let the game run as fast as it can.
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#15PhilOnDezPosted 7/30/2013 7:01:35 PM
I used to just limit my framerate but I've started noticing tearing even then. I just kinda gave up and I've started using it. I don't play many shooters but I haven't any lag in the games I have played.
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#16AnnihilatedPosted 7/30/2013 7:03:40 PM
There's never a reason not to turn it on. The games always look like ass without it.
#17ThePHiLsTeRPosted 7/30/2013 7:08:30 PM
sometimes unless I'm playing competitively then definitely no. The 100 fps is better than 60 fps.
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#18daemon_danPosted 7/30/2013 7:15:39 PM
I enable it through Nvidia control panel. Hardware forced is often WAY less laggy and crappy than in-game set.
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#19MC RaZaRPosted 7/30/2013 7:34:42 PM
I usually don't turn on VSync.
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#20claytonbuckleyPosted 7/30/2013 7:35:48 PM
depends on the game. if my rig is struggling to max out the game, i'll turn it off. If it's running easily maxed, i'll turn it on.