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Am I the only one who feels Bethesda games are most deserving of written media?

#21SlashmanSGPosted 7/31/2013 1:09:04 PM
The Infernal City

Lord of Souls

Methinks TC didn't look all that hard.
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#22kelemvorPosted 7/31/2013 1:35:46 PM(edited)
One reason I love Forgotten Realms games, and there is probably 20+ of them on PC, is that the Lore has been building and building for over 30 years. There are over a hundred paperback novels of pulp fantasy fiction to go along with them too.

Basicaly I would rank RPG lore in video games like this:

D&D (Forgotten Realms, Planescape, Dark Sun) > Star Wars (KoTor and others) >Elder Scrolls > Dragon Age
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#23wizardmonPosted 7/31/2013 6:39:57 PM
Binba442 posted...
I think it's all this Pony Stigma, if people think Bronies are shouted down at, (Some) Bronies Shout down at fans of Fallout Equestria, for making their show "Violent"

I just don't like it because it's full of OCs and the author admitted to not having a plan, goal or destination for much of their writing, and where making it up as they went for a long time.
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