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What resolution do you game at?

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3 years ago#101
1080p (23.6 inch monitor)

Until a few weeks ago I was using a 1280 x 1024 5:4 monitor, which lasted for six and a half years. New monitor is fine, except that SD video looks a worse on it.
3 years ago#102
1920 x 1080
3 years ago#103
1366 x 768 on my laptop. I don't see any big, noticeable improvements with higher resolutions, even when hooked up to a large HDTV through an HDMI cable, so anything higher is just a waste.
I don't mind lower resolutions, especially for games that will see a frame rate increase.
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3 years ago#104
1920x1200 when my PC can handle the game, 1600x900 for more resource heavy games.
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3 years ago#105
1366 x 768. My monitor is laptop sized...
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3 years ago#106
The computer's recommended resolution (1366 x 768) unless something else works best with the game being played.
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3 years ago#107
1920x1200... I love 16:10, pretty good for gaming, even better for coding.

I'll switch over to the 1080p TV when playing console ports though as that's what they're usually optimized for, especially FOV-wise in FPSes.
3 years ago#108
1680x1050. Got the monitor before 1080p monitors were really the norm in the size I use. I actually prefer the 16:10 ratio. Not sure what I will do when I need to upgrade. I'd hate to sacrifice performance to go higher but I'd like slightly larger monitor, however, I am usually against increasing the size of something without increasing the resolution.
3 years ago#109
On my laptop?

On my desktop?
2560x1080 if I'm playing fullscreen, 1600x900 if I'm playing in a window (which I usually am).

Console games are, naturally, played in 1920x1080, 854x480, or 640x480, depending upon the console.
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3 years ago#110
1080p until I get a new GPU and Monitor... whenever AMD releases their newer cards.
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