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What resolution do you game at?

#61overkillwfo1978Posted 7/31/2013 11:41:21 PM(edited)
Auron_59261 posted...
Moar people must convert to 1440p. It will change you.

Friend has a 1440 setup. Looks pretty good. Detail is a step up in quality for sure... The problem? 27" screen. No thanks.... and I hate bezels with a passion, so don't even mention multiple monitors. Get back to me when they make a decent priced 1440p, 55-60" TV.

To tell you the truth, 1080p games on max with a big screen are more impressive looking to me than 1440p on a small monitor.
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#62Hunter_mkPosted 7/31/2013 11:44:16 PM
1080p or 720p if the game is too demanding
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#63Master_BassPosted 7/31/2013 11:46:46 PM
2560x1600 here.
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#64GietzyPosted 7/31/2013 11:47:43 PM
5760 x 1080
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#65Artemicion82Posted 7/31/2013 11:48:29 PM
2560x1440, although I still game sometimes on a 1080tv, looks like junk compared to 1440 though.
#66TheWhoFanPosted 7/31/2013 11:53:14 PM
ThePCElitist posted...

This. I'd love to get a 2560x1440 monitor, though I'm fine for the time being.

FlyinTonite posted...
1080p. I'm not a fan of multi monitor set ups. 1080p is perfect for me.

Ugh. I couldn't imagine myself going back to a single monitor, no matter how big it is.
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#67ArnzillazorPosted 7/31/2013 11:57:26 PM
1680x1050, son.
#68mobius5747Posted 8/1/2013 12:20:16 AM
1680 x 1050 I also hook up to my TV for most games. I never notice a difference
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#69_GRIM_FANDANGO_Posted 8/1/2013 1:27:19 AM
kidersx posted...

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#70Bellum_SacrumPosted 8/1/2013 1:29:47 AM
The originally intended one (when possible).

Yes, I like pixels. They are authentic.
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