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What resolution do you game at?

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3 years ago#91
Depending on the system. Generally 1280x960 is the min.
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3 years ago#92
From: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE | #008

3 years ago#93
KOOGAR posted...

what games do you play??

for all newer games you cant even read the in-game text at that resolution
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3 years ago#94
2560x1440 here. Just got the monitor about 4 months ago and I couldn't dream of going back to lower for my desktop.
3 years ago#95
3 years ago#96
640 x 480 if possible, otherwise lowest setting.
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3 years ago#97
xLexLuth0rx posted...
3 years ago#98
pokechampion posted...
Auron_59261 posted...
Moar people must convert to 1440p. It will change you.

They don't sell them where I live :/

They don't have the internet where you live?
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3 years ago#99
1920X1200, I should be at 1440, but I cheaped out on the monitor. 500+ for a monitor was just extreme.
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3 years ago#100
1080p, which is the native res. Probably won't upgrade for years unless the monitor becomes defective.
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