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If money wasn't an issue..

#41Snuckie7Posted 8/4/2013 4:31:46 PM
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Titans are no longer king anymore. Unlocked GTX 780 Classies are shredding the Titans up, and I'd wager the Lightnings will do the same.

Titan still leading, guess a lot of classifieds are not that good.

Unless you're willing to hardmod and cool with LN2/dice, none of that applies to you.

Same as the 780 on the 3rd? and even my Titan is beating the other 780s down on the list.

I'm going to buy two Lightnings when they release since I never got around to buying the 2nd TItan, just because it's cheaper and the price is close enough to the same.

So why not. =)

Yeah so why link the hall of fame when that's irrelevant to the average user? Some more relevant results would be the Valley bench on OCN for instance. Almost every user is on air with a few on water. There's one unmodded Titan ahead of all the 780's. Then there's a bunch of unlocked 780's. I think it's safe to say that the average unlocked 780 is faster than the average Titan when both are OC'd.
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