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LCD not working D:

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User Info: jibyungchul911

3 years ago#1
Hi I have a NP700Z5B-S02 model (the one with 6490M I think) and ran into a random problem. My display is not working. As in, the display turns on but is black... I connected it to an external monitor with an HDMI and am able to use it that way. I don't think I installed anything besides perhaps a windows update... Not sure what's going on How can I fix this?? I tried using the display mode hotkey and anything that involves the LCD doesn't work. So frustrating... Thanks for any help, would really appreciate it!

Did a systems restore to the previous day when I wasn't having this problem, still no luck. I don't understand, it was working fine earlier this day... :(
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User Info: BDSM

3 years ago#2
They it doesn't work 2 days in a row.

That's why you gotta take double, man.
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User Info: Ep1taph303

3 years ago#3
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