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2 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

So I would like opinions/recommendations for a convertible tablet that can really just do office work at a smooth/fast pace, and is comfortable to work with. I have no idea what are the capabilities of a convertible tablet, and this would be my first one. It's a requirement for school, and so far they gave me choice between

HP EliteBook 2760P - N-trig pen
HP Revolve 810 - HP Executive Pen
Lenovo Helix - Wacom pen
Lenovo Thinkpad X230T - Wacom pen
Sony VAIO Duo 13 - N-trig pen
Sony VAIO Duo 11 - N-trig pen

If anyone has any of these tablets and would recommend it, please post if you can.

Or if you have any other suggestions, feel free (I'm not limited to these, it was just suggested by the school)

Thanks for reading this and I would really appreciate any suggestions!
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