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Steam games you regret not buying during Summer Sale

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User Info: synthetiksin

3 years ago#11
Some costume dlc stuff for borderlands and a season pass when they were ten bucks for my buddy.
Max Payne 3

Some other stuff.
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User Info: uhohjonah

3 years ago#13
Fez and Runner2.
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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#14
No regrets I can think of. Stuck to my wishlist and hand-picked games when the deals were suitable. Got plenty to play, don't desperately need more right now.

User Info: jerrygamer2

3 years ago#15
The new Tomb Raider, Rayman Origins, Dark Souls and Bad Rats.

User Info: AssassinDX

3 years ago#16
Dishonored and Fallout 3 GOTY. New Vegas to a lesser extent, I didn't enjoy it when I played it but in hindsight I wish I'd given it another chance.

User Info: donbrifway

3 years ago#17
jerrygamer2 posted...
Dark Souls

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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#18
Not a game but I wish I had picked up the Space Marine DLC while it was half off. Picked up a physical copy of the game for $6 a few days ago, it's been in my amazon cart for forever.
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User Info: farigonti

3 years ago#19
I regret not getting on gmg RE:R at 30% since steam had regional limitations to do the same. ****.
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

3 years ago#20
crazyray47 posted...
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